You will find the following information on our invoices: name of patient type of treatment date of treatment codes of the treatment carried out* codes of end date of the treatment dental centre information terms of payment the total amount to pay Invoices can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. We have handed

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We look forward to seeing you regularly for a periodic check up. During such a check up we can see if your teeth are in good condition and can detect any problems at an early stage. Of course we also advise you about oral hygiene. If the dentist detects dental problems, he or she will

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We are happy to tell you a bit more about our practice. On this part of the site you can meet our team, view our opening times and get a tour of the practice. You can also read how we deal with quality assurance and improvement and what our current employment policy is. We also


For new patients: The first appointments will have to be paid for by debet card or cash at the counter. This applies to both the first appointment and the resulting treatment.