You will find the following information on our invoices:

  • name of patient
  • type of treatment
  • date of treatment
  • codes of the treatment carried out*
  • codes of end date of the treatment
  • dental centre information
  • terms of payment
  • the total amount to pay

Invoices can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. We have handed over our invoicing to a so-called invoicing company. They take care of the proper processing of your invoice. If you qualify, the invoicing company will send your bill to your health insurer. If you have to pay yourself or if you owe a personal contribution, you will receive a bill from the invoicing company.

* Dental treatment often consists of one or more procedures. These transactions all have a code that you will find on the invoice. A rate determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) applies per transaction.

Treatment plan
If you have to undergo somewhat more extensive dental treatment, it may be wise to draw up a treatment plan in consultation with your dentist. This way you know in advance what you can expect, both in terms of costs and in terms of number of treatments. Ask your dentist about the possibilities.

There are various insurers that fully or partially reimburse the costs of dental care. Ask about the reimbursement of treatments by your own insurer.