Prevention is of course still better than cure. That certainly also applies to your teeth.

We therefore think it is important to properly advise you on the correct oral care. This includes brushing, flossing, brush picks , toothpicks and performing regular check ups.

In addition to prevention in children, we also pay attention to paro prevention; after all, more teeth and molars are lost due to gum problems than cavities.

Assistants in our practice
In our practice we work with prevention assistants. They are assistants who have been trained in performing preventive actions and oral hygiene. In addition, they offer support to the dentist in the area of ​​preparation, implementation and completion of patient treatment.

You cannot start early enough with prevention. That is why we advise you to bring your children for a check up at an early age. This is possible even before they need treatment themselves. In this way they can become acquainted with the dental practice, the employees and the instruments. By introducing children to the dentist early on in a playful way, the chance of fear of the dentist at a later age is also reduced.
On the site you will find a lot of information about good oral care for both children and adults.